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#1 2012-12-31 14:43:41

From: Colombo
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Displaying more than 200 place markers on single page in Google Maps.

Google has defined a limit on displaying place markers on single page as 200.
This is mainly done in order to attain best browser performance. However, if you need to display more than 200 place markers on a single page, the browser performance will be reduced.

To display all the places on a single page, click on "My places" ( -> My places).
Then, select the map. There, you can find the KML file of that particular map.

Get the URL of the KML export file. This can be done by right clicking the KML link and select "Copy Link Location".
Then, go to and paste the copied link in the maps search box and click search.
Now, it will display all the places without pages.

Now, get the maps link. You can customize the map if needed.
Then, paste the link in the web page.



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